#Be the best you can be#

Be the best you can be.  Put every effort into your writing just like you do in your life.  No matter what you write, stories, poems, or anything, always do the best you can.  In life, we should always strive to do our best.  Not just in writing but in everything we do.

Be the best you can be at whatever you do.  The book I’m writing on now, The Terminus List is hopefully going to be the best book I’ve produced.  Each book I write I try to write better.  I try to incorporate everything I’ve learned about writing and even to infuse the negative things from reviews that I’ve received.  For example, a reviewer of my book The Trail in the Woods said that they thought the beginning wasn’t very good.  I love reviews, both positive and negative.  The positive reviews are wonderful and the negative reviews can be revealing.  I listened to what the negative reviewer said and reread the first chapter many times and came to the conclusion that what they said was right.  So, I rewrote the first chapter and tried to make it better.  Anyone now buying my book, The Trail in the Woods will get the updated first chapter.  I hope that readers will agree that it’s better than it was.

My website has undergone many changes since I first set it up.  Hopefully, each new change has made it better.  However, no matter what, my goal is to make it the best I can make it.  Doing the best I can do is what my philosophy in life is.  I always do the best I can with what I have.  I don’t think we can do more.  However, no matter what we should always try to make what we do better.  It doesn’t have to be perfect but we should try to make it the best that we can.  That’s what I try to do with each new book that I write.

The Terminus List is coming along nicely and has many twists and turns.  I hope that readers will like it as much as I like writing it.  I love adding the twists and turns.  As the writer of the novel, I get all the chances in the world to make the book the best.  When it comes out, hopefully, later this year, I hope that readers will find the book interesting and satisfying.  Readers can read about the book and other things I’ve written on my website.

Watch for another free Kindle ebook promotion coming from 23 January to 25 January for my exciting Science Fiction book The Trail in the Woods.  The free books give readers a chance to check out my writing at no cost.  Many more readers can get the book and see if they like my style of writing.  I hope that everyone takes advantage of my free offer.  I love writing books and I hope that readers will love reading my books.  

My writing is changing the world one word at a time.  Thank you for reading, Stan


#The Integrity of a Writer#

The integrity of a writer means more to me than anything.  Integrity is something I grew up with.  I was taught by my mother and father to always have integrity.  It’s the quality of being honest and having strong moral principals.

Integrity is perhaps the most important principle of leadership and dependent on integrity because it demands truthfulness and honesty.  Integrity means telling the truth even if the truth is ugly.  To me, it is better to be honest than to delude others, because then I would be deluding myself also.  I believe in integrity in all I do, including my writing.  It may be fiction but it is based on integrity.

Integrity has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I’ve tried to weave truth and honesty throughout my life and particularly in my writing.  I try to make honesty part of whatever I write.  When you read my writing, you can look for the honesty and truth that I weave throughout the stories.  It’s moral uprightness that I believe that I owe readers.

Check out my website http://stanleystraubauthor.com and read my books.  On my website and in each of my books you’ll discover integrity.  When you read my books, you’ll find that I have conveyed integrity across a spectrum of ideas.  My books might be based on science fiction speculation but you will find integrity woven throughout the stories.  Without integrity, I wouldn’t feel good about writing books for readers.  I believe it is my obligation to provide stories that convey honesty and truthfulness about everyday life and the future.

My book The Trail in the Woods tells a story that is speculative science fiction but throughout the story, the reader will find a moralness that is shown by the characters.  The book itself has an extremely unusual and unexpected ending.  However, the ending shows the integrity of mankind.  Thank you for visiting my website and reading my books, Stan

#The Trail in the Woods#

The Trail in the Woods is a book that I wrote.  It’s a thriller that will captivate you and carry you from the opening chapter to the unexpected ending.  Along the way, you will encounter an electrified greenish-yellow fog and then you will meet humans with gills.  You will meet the Tribulator, a creature that runs the Valley of the Gods and thinks he is God.  The valley is an environmentally perfect place that the Tribulator established.  Two people, Bob and Janet, get captured and taken to the valley.  They are locked up in the valley and coerced into helping promote the Tribulators brand of religion.

The Trail in the Woods is a frightening book that leads us to a possible future world waiting for all of us.  The fate of the world hinges on whether Bob and Janet can escape from the valley and the powerful Tribulator.

Read more about my book on my website http://stanleystraubauthor.com  and buy the book either on my website or from Amazon.com.

The Trail in the Woods is a book that you’ll want to read and place on your bookshelf. It is Science Fiction at its finest.  Thank you very much for reading and enjoying my book.  I’m changing the world one word at a time, Stanley Straub

#Year-end Website Updated#

Year-end website updated.  I added a new year-end comedy short story to my website.  The story was entered into a contest but unfortunately, it didn’t win any acclaims.  The only ones apparently who liked it was me and my wife.  We both thought it was funny and would at least get a couple of hand claps.  However, even if I didn’t win anything, I’ve put it on my website so that you can judge it.  Please check it out at stanleystraubauthor.com.  If you like it, please send me a message.  If you don’t like it, please leave me a message.   I know the two sentences are redundant but they cover both cases, just in case. (LOL)

Year-end website updated to include the free year-end comedy short story and I also tidied up some other miscellaneous things to improve readability.  I updated the status of my new book, The Terminus List as well.   One biggy is that I’ve lowered the price of a signed (autographed) The Trail in the Woods book from $14 to $10 for a limited time.  Take advantage of it because the sale will end on 7 January 2019.  Hurry and make the world great again in 2019.

Year-end website updated is an on-going love affair.  It’s a never-ending story.  I love to write and part of writing is having an up-to-date website.  Check it out. (http://stanleystraubauthor.com)  Whatever you do, don’t forget to have a Happy New Year.  I can hardly wait for 2019 to arrive.  The future is now; I’m changing the world one word at a time.  Thank you for reading, Stan

#The Robotic Revolution#

The robotic revolution is coming and it will be brought to us by Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Robots with human characteristics will be here before we know it.  The robotic revolution is a real thing and will change the world, much as the industrial revolution did in 1760.  How long will it be before it arrives, is anyone’s guess but it won’t be long before it happens.  Will the world be ready for it when it comes?  Just imagine finding out that the person that moved in next door and that you’ve known for the last six months is not human but a humanoid.

The robotic revolution will change the landscape of the world.  Humanoid robots run by AI will capture our every process that we have.  It will be entwined in everything that we do.  It’s not if it comes but when will it come.  Within the next few years, humanoids will be seen in many places all over the world.  Soon, we will come to realize that we can’t live without them.  They will basically take over our world and they’ll provide us with help that we didn’t even know we needed.

The robotic revolution will be unveiled in my coming book, “The Terminus List.”  The book is about the future and the future will have many exciting things for us, one of which is predicted to be robots run by AI.  They’ll enhance our lives and they will someday be in everyone’s home.  Read about The Terminus List at http://stanleystraubauthor.com and discover what Science Fiction can provide for us in the coming years.

#The Writer’s Future#

The writer’s future. What is the writer’s future? Is it something that we can wrap our minds around or is it an allusive adventure that ends in frustration? We write because we love writing, but then we find that it’s so frustrating when we try to market our writing. Writing is so much easier than marketing.

The writer’s future is not something that we always expect. When we finish our writing, be it a book or poem or something else, we then hope to see people buying and reading our masterpiece. Soon after we pour ourselves into the marketing endeavor, we find that almost no one is buying our writing, let alone reading it. Then, we start to wonder, is our writing really that bad or is it just that people don’t see our writing?

The writer’s future lies within ourselves. If we are truly writers and we love writing, then we have to write for just us and no one else. It makes no difference if we are good at writing or if we just write to be writing. In the end, it only matters that we write. Whatever our writing is, it has to be the end result. Very few writers become world famous. Those that do, have talent and they have perseverance. They keep writing no matter whether anyone reads what they write or not. If their writing is really good, someday they will be recognized for it.

The writer’s future is always there in front of us and we as writers, just have to keep writing and let the future come to us. If we’re good enough and I think many of us are, then the future will come to us. We will be rewarded for our writing. How long it takes cannot be determinable. It could happen tomorrow, it could happen next month, or it may never happen. However, whatever will happen, will happen. Whether we become world famous or we just write, it really makes no difference because in the future we will either become well-known or we’ll become better writers.

Check out my website for the best writing site on the Internet. stanleystraubauthor.com

Until next time, keep writing and never give up. The future will come to us. It’s in our destiny. I’m changing the world one word at a time, Stan