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#Trail in the Woods Review#

The Trail in the Woods review is a professional review done by Pacific Northwest Book Reviews.  The Trail in the Woods review is an unsolicited review written by Mr. Bob Sample.

The Trail in the Woods Review:

“The Trail In The Woods” starts out as a story of a couple of childhood school buddies, one being brave and the other being meek. The friends decide to hike the devil’s trail, it being overgrown for years, they worked together to clear the trail. They encounter a mystical fog and strange apparitions before reaching an opening in the mountain. As the story goes on, their adventure is nothing as they expected. The story follows the couple’s journey, with an unexpected ending of the book. It’s an easy to read book with unexpected twists and turns. The writer has done a good job keeping focused on the story. It’s witty, intense, scary and flows well. It’s one of those books that you shouldn’t look at the last page first. Read up to the ending to get a surprise that isn’t expected. I recommend reading this book. Bob Sample @Pacific northwest book reviews.

I hope that you like the book as much as Bob liked it.  Thanks for reading, Stan

#The Trail in the Woods Description#

The trail in the Woods description.  A science fiction story that will captivate you and hold your attention until the very last surprising page.

The Trail in the Woods Description:

Something or someone has encapsulated an entire valley on Earth.  The valley is called “the valley of the Gods” and is given a perfect environment for people to live in.  The valley is like a Garden of Eden and designed as an ideal place for an experiment.  People hiking on a trail towards the valley have disappeared over the years and never been heard from again.  Even searchers have disappeared that looked for the missing people.  Something evil lives on the trail and controls the valley.  Two childhood friends set out on a courageous adventure to hike the abandoned overgrown trail to see if they can find out what has happened to the people.  The two hikers have to use machetes to get through the thick brush on the trail.  While on the trail, they are captured and are taken to the valley to live.  In the valley, they meet people with gills and come face to face with the one who runs the valley, The Tribulator, a Charles Manson type who thinks he is God.  It’s a fight for survival for the two hikers as they fight the evil forces controlling the valley.  The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as the hikers battle for their lives.

#The Emotions of Buying my Book#

The emotions of buying my book are many.  You’ll love the characters, you’ll love the setting, you’ll love the greenish-yellow fog, you’ll love Sparkles the dog with a great personality.  If you love anything, you’ll end up loving the Tribulator.  Who is the Tribulator?  He runs the Valley of the Gods.  He thinks he is God and who knows, maybe he is.  Read the book and get emotionally involved.  Get deep into the mind of the Tribulator.  He’s a Charles Manson type that wants to rule the world, all worlds.

The emotions of buying my book, The Trail in the Woods, are very strong and they’ll pull you into the heart of the story.  It’s a story that creates emotions that will leave you thinking about the future when the story concludes.

From the Cuckoo’s Nest in Chapter three to the Valley of the Gods, the story will keep you entertained with its action.  The people with the gills are not like humans, but what are they?

Find this emotionally entertaining book at https://www.amazon.com/Trail-Woods-Stanley-C-Straub/dp/1717760538/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1534351812&sr=8-1&keywords=The+trail+in+the+woods

The emotions of buying my book are what will help you decide to buy and read my book.  It’s a winner and if you read it, you too will become a winner.  If you love Science Fiction, then you’ll love reading my book, The Trail in the Woods.  It’s a book that will have you riding an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end.  People that have read and reviewed the book say that it is a great book with a very surprising ending.  They never saw the ending coming till it hit them.  Read the book and let the ending hit you.  Thanks for reading and following me, Stan


#The Trail in the Woods Review#

The Trail in the Woods review.  Science Fiction book review of my book The Trail in the Woods.  A great book and an equally great review.  I hope that people read the book and see why this review is so positive.

The Trail in the Woods review gives a preview of the book and all it has to offer.  The book is avail in paperback and Kindle edition.  You can get it on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Trail-Woods-Stanley-C-Straub/dp/1717760538/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1534272652&sr=8-4&keywords=The+Trail+in+the+woods+books

The Trail in the Woods by Deb J pole

We start by meeting our two main characters, Bob and Janet. Both friends, both hikers. When Bob starts to tell Janet about the scary trail in front of them, Janet isn’t too sure what to believe.

“The Devils Tail’…I think that path is beyond scary. Scary would be a joy compared to what’s supposedly on the trail,” Bob said nervously.”
There’s something different about this trail though, those that venture on it…never return. An eerie fog and a humming noise emanates from the forest. This is not a happy hiking trail.

For Janet, this sounds like the greatest adventure. For Bob, he just goes along for the ride meanwhile hoping that the tales aren’t true. After much persuasion from Janet, Janet and Bob venture down the trail several times, each time a little further than the last. Each time the same eerie fog and humming noise appears and they escape.

But with each visit, something is different. There seems to be a man. Is it a ghost? Is it an alien?

Bob and Janet learn of Tom, a hiker who ventured up the trail with his friend Jim and dog Sparkles. Tom has been kept in an insane mental asylum. After multiple visits, pieces start sticking together for Bob and they decide to get Tom out and take him up the trail.

What they eventually find is something very unexpected…

…they find a utopia. A place where the weather is controlled, where food appears and people do the jobs they love. With beautiful parks alongside, this seems like a paradise. But not long after they find that not all is as it seems. For there are creatures here not like any other, they breathe air and look like humans except for one minor detail…they have gills.

This utopia is more like a prison, A Valley of the Damned. Run by a ruler, the Tribulator…or as he prefers to be known…GOD.

This is where the tale becomes a bit more tricky for our characters and meeting new friends along the way…will they ever manage to escape? What is the Tribulators goal?

All becomes clear but I won’t spill too many details because let me tell you, there’s action here you definitely did not see coming.

But I will say this. The last chapter, in particular, the last couple of pages where the letter from the Tribulator to the President can be read. Pay close attention. Read it carefully and read it again. I find this letter hits home in the sense of us keeping our planet alive.

Think of the plastics in the ocean. Think of the greenhouse gases. Think of climate change and its effects. Think of us, the plants, the animals, the generations to come…what sort of planet will they be in? How can we help the world?

“…Earth is slowly becoming uninhabitable too and will someday become too unfit to live on as well…Earth should have many years, perhaps a thousand or more before it deteriorates to that point. I suggest that in the meantime you and all Earth’s people try to stop things from getting worse. You can do it by stopping the erosion of the environment and by not having any more wars…However, it’s really up to all of the people as to how long you can continue living on Earth. With leadership and the people of the world’s help, Earth’s inevitable fate can be delayed.”
Now I’m not saying that’s the intended message, but that’s how I have interpreted it and you as fellow readers and bookworms will have your own interpretations, some similar to mine and some very different.

If you are to take anything from this book or indeed this review then let it be this, we all have ideas of the perfect world…but what happens when you’re trapped there. Would you still want to be there? We all have the power to change the world, let’s start now.

This book is one that is a slow starter but builds up in nature to what is essentially an anti-climactic end considering the action taking place but it’s a perfect ending to a very well written book that draws you in and keeps you there.

Be afraid, be very afraid, of The Trail in the Woods.
Happy reading,



#The Best Science Fiction Book#

The best science fiction book is available on Amazon.com.  It’s waiting for your reading pleasure.  What is the name of this great book, “The Trail in the Woods”.  It’s one of the best science fiction books to be written since the “War of the Worlds” was written in 1897.  That’s a long time to have to wait for another thrilling science fiction book of its magnitude.

The best science fiction book is available in both paperback and Kindle edition.  It’s a book that once you start reading you’ll want to keep going to find out what’s happening next.  There is something evil on the trail.  What is it and where does the greenish-yellow fog come from?  What lies at the end of the trail?  Where did all the people go that hiked the trail in the past go that disappeared?  These are all questions that are answered in the book.  The ending will catch you by surprise.

The best science fiction book is available right now on Amazon at the following location.


The best science fiction book was written by the world-famous author, Stanley C Straub.  Stanley Straub is well-known among Science Fiction readers.  Head for Amazon.com and pick up a copy.  You’ll want this book and you’ll be very happy that you bought it and read it.  It’s the best science fiction book you can read.