Traditional Publisher

I have self-published two of my books, but for my new one, The Trail in the Woods, I have decided to try to go the traditional publishing route.  I have spent more time on this book assuring that the grammar and flow are correct than any book that I’ve ever written.  It’s a book that will hold a readers attention and keep them guessing the ending right up to the end.

Both my first two books, The Killer Within and The Segmented Tail were written and self-published.  I enjoyed the process but it’s not the same as having a publisher publishing your book and putting it in bookstores all over the world.  Traditional publishers can and will do more promoting than I could ever do and they pay for it instead of me trying to do it all myself.

With self-publishing, I can have my book available from within just a few days of publishing it.  However, it’s a Print-On-Demand (POD) arrangement and is not available in bookstores.  If I self-publish then I have to try to get people to know that it exists and that they can buy it from Amazon.  Self-book promoting is much harder than many people think.  To be successful when self-publishing, the book has to be really good and then you have to spend a lot of money to promote it.

With a traditional publisher, it can take much longer to get the book onto bookstore shelves and available for readers but I think that seeing my book on a bookstore shelf will be worth the wait.  I wish that I could self-publish it and somehow get it into bookstores.  However, when you self-publish, it doesn’t work that way.

So my plan for my latest and greatest book The Trail in the Woods is to go the Traditional publishing route.  Wish me luck that I can find a publisher who finds my book attractive enough to want to publish it.  My wife and I think that the book is good enough for a publisher to want it.  However, just because we like it, doesn’t mean that a publisher will like it.  I’m banking on them liking my book and publishing it.  If I find a publisher willing to accept my book for publication, I’ll let you all know and when it will be available in bookstores.  I’ll also keep my readers updated on my progress.

If for some reason, I cannot find a traditional publisher, then I will probably self-publish the book.  It’s just too good to not be available for readers.  Keep me in your thoughts and positive vibes.  Stan


The More I Write The Better I Get

As a writer, I love writing and every time I write anything, I get better and I get faster.  My first novel was “The Killer Within”.  It took me close to fourteen years to finish it.  The novel is a thrilling Medical Mystery that does exactly what I wanted it to do, have people’s skin crawling.  What’s causing the people of Plumwood Oregon to die?  An investigator from the CDC in Atlanta Georgia is sent to Plumwood to hopefully find the reason the people are dying.  What he finds is something that neither he nor anyone could ever imagine – bugs crawling inside people’s bodies.  It’s a story that has a young girl that you will fall in love with and you’ll be holding her hand and cringing as she barely clings to life.  The action-packed thriller is available on

My second novel was “The Segmented Tail”.  It took me less than four years from start till it was published.  I really prefer writing Science Fiction and that’s what this book is all about.  It’s a thrilling Science Fiction book that also does what I wanted it to do, keep people guessing what the creatures are and where they came from.  Creatures that terrorize the town of Bounder Arizona.  Two detectives are assigned to investigate why people are apparently being murdered in Bounder.  What they discover is that the people are being killed by creatures that had been created by two scientists that accidentally mixed up DNA.  This is my second novel and it’s better written.  Another action-packed thriller that is also available on

My third novel is being written as I type.  It’s “The Trail in the Woods” and should be available on in the next month or two.  This novel is another Science Fiction story.  It’s taking me much less time than my second book.  This novel takes place in Dead Rock Oregon and tells the story of two people, a man and a woman, who decide to hike up a trail that had been abandoned because many people had hiked the trail and vanished.  As they hike the trail, they encounter electrically charged greenish-yellow fog and evil-looking creatures.  When they finally reach a tunnel at the end of the trail, they’re captured by the creaturs and forced to live in a self-contained valley.  Who runs the valley and where did the creatures come from?  It’s another action-packed story that will keep you turning the pages.

Each story I’ve written has the elements of suspense and action occurring throughout the story.  I like to create stories with the kind of suspense that will keep readers guessing an fidgeting in their seats as they turn the pages and have them worrying about whether or not the protagonists will survive.

I love to write and I would love people to buy my books and read them because I know that if they do, they’ll read them with the intent that I want them to have.  Each book has gotten better and each book has taken me less time to write.  Are they really better?  Don’t take my word for it, but buy my books, read them, write a review, and let me know if I’m right or not.   I think you’ll be impressed and hopefully, you’ll be anxiously awaiting my next Science Fiction action-packed thriller.  I believe each of the novels would make excellent movies and I also believe that my next novel will be better than the previous novels, and it won’t take me as long to write it.  I want to thank you for buying my books, Stan


Other Aliens

We’re all in this together, earthlings and people from other distant worlds.  We’re searching for them and at the same time, they’re searching for us.  Intelligent beings seeking other intelligent beings.  Do they exist?  Do we exist?  Of course, they exist and so do we.  There are many, many aliens throughout this universe and the many other parallel universes that exist and have existed since they were formed during the initial inflation period when the universes were being formed.

How many universes are there?  There may be millions of bubbles or universes throughout the universal formulations.  Each bubble could be like all the other bubbles or they could be different.  The individual bubbles are characterized as being similar to our universe, the one we were given to live on.  However, each of the other universes could be inhabited by people just like us or possibly even different.  We’re probably not as unique as we think we are.  Will we ever meet these other aliens or will they ever meet us?  It may never happen because each of the universes, or bubbles, are vastly separated by astronautical miles that are beyond our comprehension.

However, with that being said, there are Science Fiction writers that have the ability to see into these bubbles and foretell what might be a future phenomenon complete with visiting aliens.  We might wake up someday in the future and meet ourselves.  Is it conceivable?  It is conceivable in Science Fiction.  Science Fiction is fiction that can forecast our future.  However, it’s not just our future that gets forecasted, but the futures of all the other aliens in all the multitude of universes throughout the galaxy of universes that are far beyond the eyes of aliens anywhere you can find them.

For those of you that want a small glimpse of what future aliens might look like, I suggest you read my book, The Segmented Tail.  Are the aliens real?  Are they going to take over the earth?  Read my book and find out.  I had to write the book to find out and all you have to do is read it.  Just beware that it has frightening scenes in it that could cause you to hide under the covers.  I’d like to thank you for buying it and reading it, Stan

PS. The Segmented Tail can be bought at

PSS.  If you read it, then please write a review.  I’ll thank you and other readers will thank you too.






Spine Grabbing SyFy Book

Does anyone want to read a spine-frightening Science Fiction book? If you do, then read “The Segmented Tail”. Find out about a mixup of DNA from Area 51 and what creatures were created by the mixup. It’s a frightening book with an action-packed story and an interesting unexpected ending.  You’ll be glad you read it and the author will thank you, Stan…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

Beautiful Readers come from Great Writers

Does anyone think that readers just appear out of a magicians hat?  I know that everyone is smarter than that. Readers love to read and what they read makes them smart.  They are always looking for new books to settle down with by the fireplace.  However, it’s important to know that readers progress one book at a time.  The more books that they read the better the reader they become.  It’s the same way with writers.  The more books they write the better writer they become.  It takes a lot of work to create great books that can then make great readers even greater.

As writers, we are always hoping to write better and better books.  As readers, they are always looking to read better and better books.  It’s a win-win situation for writers and for readers.  The better we write, the better readers, read.

If writers work on it hard enough, they will create high-level readers.  At the same time, the writers will have become high-level writers.  What are high-level writers?  They are writers that write at a high-level.  Their books are high quality and readers look for them more and more.  That’s why writers should never give up.  If they keep at it long enough, they will become top writers.  Then, they can take pride in the fact that they created top-level readers.  Top level readers are those that look for great books with a great story and that is well written.

Writer’s can help readers more than they realize and vice-versa, readers and writers extract the best out of each other.  Always do your best whether you are a writer or a reader.  We’re all in this together. Each new book that I write, I try to make better because I want to make readers better.  Hopefully, my new book, The Trail in the Woods, is just a little better than my previous book, The Segmented Tail, which was just a little better than my first book, The Killer Within.  I hope that I’m progressing and I hope that my readers are also progressing.  Thanks for reading and writing, Stan

The Rave Review Book Club


I recently joined the Twitter Rave Review Book Club (RRBC).  It’s a group of aspiring writers, just like me, that is designed to help authors achieve their goal of becoming well-known book writers.  They offer everything a writer would want, reviews and support.  The RRBC gives writers a chance to scratch each other’s back.

I hope that if you have a Twitter account that you will support me and my fellow writers in this new endeavor.  All authors can use support, from the beginning writer to the most advanced.  With support, we can achieve our dreams.  With our dreams, we can provide readers with good books.  Thank you, Stan