Bobby McDane and the Missing Unicorn

I wrote this great book, at least I think it’s great, but until someone else reads and reviews it, it’ll only be my opinion. I am begging people to please read my book and review it. I need reviews on The book can be found at

The Terminus List

I have completed and published my latest Science Fiction book, The Terminus List.  Check it out on at The Terminus List

It’s an exciting book that I enjoyed writing very much.  I hope that readers like it as much as I did.  It’s got a little romance, a little humor, and a story that will keep you reading from page one to the end.

Here’s a short description of the book:  At the year-end extravaganza held in 2098, Tom Florin became a statistic. He was terminated by liberated punctuation, a fancy made-up term by the government for killing people to keep the population under control Two years later, in 2100 the names of the new chosen ones were published for all to see. what names will be listed and who will get to go to the extravaganza parade and then be led to the glorious extermination stations during the Super Sunday halftime celebration. Barbara Freeman, Age 16 was one of the “supposedly” lucky names chosen for the 2100 celebration which is to be held during the Super Sunday Halftime show. During the show which will be broadcast for the world to see, Barbara and several thousand more are planned to be terminated. Most of them are willing and happy to be part of the termination process, but Barbara, her boyfriend, and her folks are not. Can Barbara escape her pending fate?

Remember that I’m changing the world one word at a time.

Stan Straub

The Terminus List

I’m excited to say that The Terminus List, my new book, is moving along and I’m up to Chapter 14, Page 136.  If I can keep writing at the pace I’m doing now, I’ll have it published by the end of the year.  No promises though.  I just keep plugging away and much as I can.

I think readers of Science Fiction and especially my followers will really like The Terminus List.  It’s a fast-paced story that will keep you entertained right up until the ending.

Will Judy win the election and wrest the power away from Sara?  If she does, will she end the use of the Terminus List?  A big question also waiting to be answered is, Who is Sara and where did she come from?  Only the book knows.  Buy it when it comes out and find all of the answers hidden within the pages.

Thanks for sticking with me as I continue on my writing journey.  It’s an exciting adventure and one that I truly enjoy.  Check out my Website to get the latest status on The Terminus List and all of my other writings.  Stan Straub

Stan Straub Author

To all of you that are following me. I want to bring everyone up to speed on my writing. As some of you know, my wife went into the hospital almost a month ago. She was so weak that she couldn’t stand let alone wike. We think it was due to a prescription medication she was given. It’s been stopped and hopefully, she’ll regain her strength. She spent a week in the hospital and then was transferred to a rehab facility for a week. After the week in rehab, she came home. I spent most of my time with her in the hospital and in the rehab center. Since stopping the medication, she’s slowly regaining her strength but I’m having to do the laundry, the cooking, and helping her get from point A to point B. I’m not complaining and in fact, I’m enjoying spending more time with her. However, because of all I’m doing, I haven’t been writing. Hopefully, she’ll get better and I’ll be able to get back to writing. I think my new book, The Terminus List, will be really good and I want to finish it but right now I feel that my wife is more important than my writing. Thank you, Stan Straub Author

Why do I Write

I love to write and it shows.  I am hard of hearing and writing is my best method of communication.  Words flow on paper easily for me.  However,  because of my hearing problem, I don’t always hear as well as I should.  So, I may end up saying the wrong thing at the wrong time but when I write and see I wrote something wrong, I can easily correct it.

Writing has always been easy for me.  I love to write words on paper and on a computer screen.  I hardly have to think.  I can sit down at my computer and start typing.  Ever since I was young, I loved writing and typing.  I learned to type in high school and I loved it.  Typing has stayed with me ever since I learned to peck away on the keys.  Now, I use a computer keyboard in place of the typewriter but they both do the same thing.  They give me a way to create.  I love creating things and stories, especially Science Fiction, which is something I prefer.

On 24 February 2005, I received a cochlear implant and my hearing led me into a new world but I have never given up my wonder of typing out words and stories.  I think I have more stories hidden away in my head than I’ll ever be able to write even if I live to the ripe ol’ age of 200.  It’s so easy for me to come up with stories that some may say are far out but to me, they are just stories that might have a chance of coming true.  Storytelling comes naturally to me but putting the story in the proper style using correct grammar has been a slow process that I’ve learned over the years.  It takes lots of practice and the more you do, the better you’ll get.  Each of my books has gotten better and better.  However, none will ever be as good as my first book.  It’ll always be my favorite.

The first book I wrote and published was a medical thriller titled The Killer Within.  When I wrote it, I wasn’t exactly sure what a writer was supposed to put into a book.  So, I threw everything including the kitchen sink into it.  The Killer Within took a lot of medical research to make sure I had the medical terminology and lingo correct.  The second book I wrote was The Segmented Tail, a Science Fiction book.  I liked the Science Fiction genre because I could develop a scary story that would keep the reader on the edge of their seat.  After writing The Segmented Tail, I wrote another Science Fiction book, The Trail in the Woods.

I’m currently writing my third Science Fiction book with the title The Terminus List.  It is coming along quite nicely and I hope to have it finished sometime this year.  People that are put on the Terminus List get to be killed in the name of glory.  Some people don’t want to die just because a politician thinks they should and they don’t like the idea of being on the list.  So, they rebel and fight to escape from their year-end execution date.

I know that lots of people want to read my books and they can because they are available on  Over the years, I’ve also written a few other stories and books that are available on or on my Website.  My website also has a few poems that I’ve written.  One poem called “Our Town” was published in the Cottage Grove newspaper.  You can read it and the other poems on my website.

One of the first Science Fictions stories I wrote was in college.  It was about a strange animal that was discovered on the earth and people didn’t have a clue as to what it was.  My description was of a large house cat which no one had seen for years because they had become extinct.  I never published it but my English teacher thought it was very good and told me to keep writing because someday, he said, with your vivid imagination, you’ll become a published writer.  He was right in his prediction. Maybe, his encouragement is what gave me the impetus to speed up my writing career.

If you ever want to achieve a goal in life, you have to aim for the stars and don’t ever give up.  I love to write and I’d love to see you writing too.  It’s a profession with tremendous rewards.  Not all monetary.  One of the rewards is just having the satisfaction of knowing you achieved your goal.

Over the years I’ve come up with a motto that I think fits in well with my lifetime goal – I’m changing the world one word at a time.  Thank you for reading. I hope that you join me, Stan

Free Kindle Books for my Readers

Believe it or not, I’m giving away absolutely free any of the books that I’ve written.  The Kindle edition will be on its way to you if you give me your email address.  Just go to my website, pick out any of the books that you’d like to read, then go to my contact page and tell me which book(s) you want and send me your email address.  As soon as I receive the information, I’ll get a Kindle edition book or books on the way to you.

Why am I doing it, because I love to write and I want to give readers a chance to read and hopefully review my books?  An honest review on Amazon would make my heart jump for joy.  Reviews sell books and without enough reviews, readers don’t know whether the books are any good or not or even if they exist.  Reviews let readers know about a book and whether or not it’s worth buying and reading.

This is a limited time offer so please don’t wait too long to get your free books.  I’m changing the world one word at a time, Stanley C Straub

Excerpt from The Trail in the Woods

Excerpt from The Trail in the Woods.

“I don’t know what that was, but it sounded terrifying,” Janet said nervously. “There was definitely something there. We both heard it. Whatever it was, maybe it had something to do with the people disappearing.”

The Trail in the Woods is a Science Fiction thriller that will keep you reading from the first chapter until the surprising ending.  Read a review here from Mark Schultz.  Learn more about the book and my other books and poems on my website.  I’m changing the world one word at a time.

The Trail in the Woods Excerpt

Here is an excerpt from The Trail in the Woods.  Chapter 2, The Fog.


They drove to Salem and found the mental hospital at 2600 Center St NE.  “I read that it’s the oldest mental hospital on the West Coast,” Bob said as he parked the car across the street from the red brick building.  “I don’t know whether you know it or not,” Bob said looking at the hospital, but the 1975 film ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ starring Jack Nicholson, was filmed there.”

“That’s interesting.  I saw the movie but didn’t know that it was filmed at that mental hospital.  Let’s go in and see if the guy that the old man told you about is still there,” Janet said glancing up at the darkening sky where thunderclouds were gathering.  “Looks like we could be in for more rain.”

They went into the hospital and found out that Tom Wilson was still there and what room he was in.

“Hi,” Bob said looking at the person sitting on his bed.  “I’m Bob and this is my friend, Janet.  We’d like to ask you some questions.  You are Tom Wilson, aren’t you?”

The guy looked at both of them with a blank expression.  It was like they weren’t even there.  Finally, he spoke, “Yeah, I’m Tom Wilson,” he said with a slight western drawl.  “What do you want?”  He sounded irritated that they wanted to talk to him.  Tom started thumping his fingers on the bed and continued while they watched.

Bob and Janet watched him tapping on his bed.  He looked like he was playing a broken record with his fingers.  After a couple of minutes, Bob interrupted his playing and asked Tom if they could ask him some questions.  He didn’t say anything, but looked up and nodded his head slightly in approval.  However, he never quit thumping out his rhythmic beating with his fingers.  Bob looked at Janet and shook his head.

Suddenly Tom blurted out, “They won’t let me out of here.”

“Who won’t let you out?” Janet asked looking around and glancing towards the door.

“The aliens,” Tom said, looking terrified.  He glanced around the room as though someone might be watching him and added, “They just keep me locked up in here.”

“The aliens are keeping you here?” Bob asked.

“Yes,” Tom said nervously and messed with his hair.  “They’ve been keeping me here since 1985.  They locked me up and won’t let me go.  They claim I’m crazy, but I’m not.  Hell,” he added, “if I was crazy, I wouldn’t be in this place.”

“You’ve been in here since 1985?” Bob asked.

“Yes, since that fateful day,” he said.  “It was the day I got back from the abduction and told the authorities.  They said I was crazy and brought me here and threw away the key.”


I hope you like the excerpt and will want to read the rest of the book.  You can check out more of the book and more about me on my website.  Thanks for reading, Stan

Awesome Science Fiction

Check out my Website for some awesome science fiction books.  I’m an author and I specialize in writing Science Fiction.  I write other genres too but science fiction is my favorite.  Here’s a sample of my writing:


“What is that strange looking thing over there?” Current asked his partner, Jessica as they stood in her yard one late evening in July 2055.

“That’s the leftover remnant from the Jeddie mission to Europa, Jupiter’s moon,” Jessica answered.   “It’s a monument to the last failed mission.”

“Do you mean the mission where everyone vanished after encountering the aliens from Elsewhere, the planet in the dark cloud nebula?” Current asked and scratched his elongated chin.

The fur on Jessica’s head stood straight up as she thought about the aliens and the last mission.   As she looked towards the monument, a statue of her late father, Current asked, “How did the monument end up here at your place?”

“It’s a long story but I’ll try to make it short,” she said nervously and looked with anxiety towards the statue like she was worried about seeing something.  “My father worked for the Space Agency in 2045 and when the mission ended, the Agency erected this statue to remember the people on the Europa mission.  When it was found that the people on the mission died because of what they found on Europa, the people at the Space Agency blamed my father.  Since the statue was made in his image, they wanted to destroy it.  I found out what they were planning to do and I managed to sneak in late at night and remove the statue.  I brought it here, where it’s been for the past ten years.”

“Didn’t anyone ever try to find the statue?”

“No, they were happy that it disappeared.”

“Oh my God!” Current exclaimed.  “What was that strange looking thing that peeked at us from behind the statue?”

“It was just one of the aliens that they found on Europa during the mission.  That one is very cute but a couple of the others are not and they are dangerous.  I hope that they don’t show themselves.  The last time I saw them they ate two of my pet dogs, both Rottweiler’s.  I tried to stop them but the ugly creatures came after me and I just managed to get away.  Now, where was I?”


If you liked this partial story then hopefully you’ll like the other books and poems that I’ve written and will be writing.  I have a vivid imagination as you can see from my story I’ve written and I love writing.  Check out what else I’ve written and follow my writing adventures on my website.  I’m currently writing The Terminus List, which I hope to have completed this year.  Sign up for my newsletter while you’re at my website. 

I’m changing the world one word at a time.  Thank you for following me, Stan