Published Books/Stories by S C Straub

This is a blog to talk about my new book “The Killer Within” which I just published on Amazon’s Kindle books. The blog will discuss subsequent books that I will be publishing. If you read one of my books, please let me know what you think of the book. I’d like to personally thank you for purchasing my book. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. My name is Stanley Straub and I love writing. Although I’ve written several books, short stories, and many poems over the years, I have not published any, that is, until now. “The Killer Within” is my first published book and I look forward to getting many more of my books published. I live in the great pacific northwest state of Oregon with my wife Linda.

Here is a summary of my latest book – The Killer Within by Stanley Straub
Several people die and several more become ill in the small rural town of Plumwood, Oregon. Most of the town’s people think the people died of AIDS, but the real killer is not AIDS? It is not even a disease. The real killer is something more frightening than anyone in the town could imagine. The real killer was created by a genetic engineer working at a classified company just outside Plumwood. The Killer Within, tells how an investigating doctor from the CDC worked with the local hospital staff to track down the killer; then worked with the genetic engineer that created it, to try to find a way to stop it.

The story combines the classic elements of a mystery, suspense and ro¬mance. The sus¬pense starts on page one and builds towards its dramatic climax.

Carefully introduced subplots add different textures to the story. One of the subplots includes a love story that grows among three of the main characters in the book–The CDC doctor, a Plum¬wood hospital nurse, and a five-year-old girl. All this takes place with the nurse and the young child caught in the terrorizing death grip of the killer.