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I want to let you know that I spent the last couple days making major changes to our online store – I changed the store default entry page to be the “store” and not the “about us” page that it had been. Now, the “about us” page is listed as a sub page. I also changed much of the color scheme and changed the navigation buttons. Also, made several other changes, some probably noticeable and some hidden as meta tags. Hopefully, these changes will result in better search engine results and more sales. I’d appreciate it if you would look over the store and give me any feedback. Thanks, Stan

Hearing Loss Products

Hearing Loss Products

Hearing Loss Products are specially designed to provide individuals who have a loss of hearing the ability to function better in a hearing world. Usually, these products amplify sound which can then be better heard by the person with less hearing. (Some of these products, such as bed shaker alarm clocks, wristwatches, or fire alarms, also provide alerting vibrations, and/or flashing lights. These products can be used by both the hard of hearing and the deaf.) Many people that are hard of hearing can hear speech, but they cannot understand the words, because to them they are spoken too low. By increasing the volume of the words, the hard of hearing person, the listener, is then better able to comprehend what is being said.

There are several ways that the sound volume coming into a listener’s ear can be increased. One way is to have the person speaking talk louder or use an amplification system. This can sometimes work well with speech, but does not work with natural sounds. (For natural sounds, a listener can hold a cupped hand up to their ear or use an old fashioned ear trumpet.) A second way is for the speaker and listener to move closer together. (This way doesn’t work well for natural sounds.) A third way is to amplify the sounds coming into a listener’s ears. The third way is the best because it not only allows speech to be heard better, but it also allows other natural sounds, such as distant birds or other animals, to be heard by the listener. The third way is also the best because it can provide a listener the ability to hear emergency vehicles.

Sound amplification at the listener’s ear is usually accomplished by using hearing devices, such as hearing aids, Baha implants, and/or cochlear implants, all of which have built-in amplification circuitry. The built-in circuitry provides a means of adjusting the sound volume higher or lower. One of the main differences between hearing aids and cochlear implants/Baha implants is the means by which incoming sound travels to the cochlea. The cochlea is an extremely small spiral-shaped cavity (like a tiny snail’s shell) that is the auditory portion of the inner ear. With hearing aids, sound travels naturally from the outer ear to the inner ear and cochlea. Cochlear implants use thin wires to get the sound from the external processor to the cochlea. Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (Baha’s, which are surgically implanted) use bone conduction, instead of wires, to get the sound from the external processor to the cochlea.

All the products we have in our store are designed for those with hearing loss. Most of the items can also be used by individuals that have normal hearing and/or low vision. The items we choose to put in our store are selected because they are high quality and are from well known companies. The products are also selected because we are very familiar with them. We either use or have used most of the products. We try to select products that we feel are the most reliable and therefore will provide the most benefit for the money. 

Hearing loss products like the ones we carry in our store can help people that are hard of hearing to have an improved quality of life and to maintain a safe independent lifestyle. However, although our products can be of tremendous help if you have a hearing loss, we recommend that you first have your hearing evaluated by a hearing professional.

TV Ears 3.0 Sale Extended in Celebration of Valentine’s Day & Our Birthdays

Our super sale on TV Ears 3.0 will continue through the end of the month in celebration of Valentine’s Day and Linda and my birthdays.  My birthday is on Valentine’s Day and Linda’s birthday is on 24 February.  So, take a look in our store at and pick up a set or two of TV Ears 3.0.  They are the latest TV Ears out and they work great.  They are made in the USA and the price we have is one of the lowest on the Internet.  If your marriage is in trouble, you might need TV Ears 3.0.  They keep peace in the family and marriages intact.  With TV Ears, each person watching TV can set the volume to their liking.  Those that are hard of hearing can turn up the volume while the other normal hearing person can keep the volume low.  Help us celebrate Valentine’s Day and our birthdays.  We’ll be happy and you and your tv companion will be happy too.  Keep peace in the family and visit  Thank you in advance.  Stan & Linda Straub