Can People Ride a Motorcycle and Do Other Sports if They have a Cochlear Implant?

Can People Ride a Motorcycle and Do Other Sports if They have a Cochlear Implant?.


Can People Ride a Motorcycle and Do Other Sports if They have a Cochlear Implant?

Absolutely! I received my Cochlear Implant in February 2005. In the same year, I turned 65 and obtained my motorcycle endorcement. I bought my first motorcycle, a 1995 yellow Honda Magna 750 and really enjoyed riding it. Then, in late 2008 I sold the Honda and bought a 2009 Harley-Davidson 1200C Sportster. I’ve been riding it ever since. I found that I can wear a helmet with no problem and feel safer because I can hear. I can hear sirens and I can hear horns. If I didn’t have my Cochlear Implant, I don’t know if I would feel safe enough to ride. I’ve never had a close call and I believe I owe that to being extra cautious and to being able to hear.
People should not let the fact that they wear a Cochlear Implant hold them back from riding a motorcycle. In fact, even if you have a Cochlear Implant you can do just about anything in the sports world. Although, I’d probably draw the line at contact sports or water sports, but almost anything else is certainly doable.
I also am a runner and by putting my Cochlear Implant in a pouch on a headband I am able to enjoy running. If it is raining, I just wear a hat which covers the headband/Cochlear Implant and allows me to hear and keeps my Cochlear Implant dry. So, in conclusion, if you love riding motorcycles and get a Cochlear Implant, you can keep right on enjoying doing what you like. And, if you’re like me, and have never ridden a motorcycle more than a couple miles, then get your Cochlear Implant and take up motorcyling. Make sure you get your motorcycle endorcement and take advantage of being able to not only feel the wind in your face, but being able to hear it too! It’s an adventure that’ll having you smiling mile after mile. Stan (aka SporTy)
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