My Book Is Still Selling – I’m Back To Writing!

My Book Is Still Selling – I’m Back To Writing!.


My Book Is Still Selling – I’m Back To Writing!

My first book The Killer Within is still selling and I’m continuing to write on my next novel The Segmented Tail – An exciting new novel more frightening than my first novel.  My new novel begins when a tail is cut off by a lady planting shrubs in Bounder, Arizona!  The tail itself is scary, but what is attached to the tail is beyond anything ever seen before!  The cutting off of the tail was just the beginning!  A terror beyond imagination is unleashed on the people of Bounder!. Can the terror be stopped is the question!  The fate of the human race depends on the answer!

After my wife passed away in early August of 2012, I kind of went into a funk and quit writing!  However, now I’m back to writing full time and determined to finish my next novel and start on more.  My imagination is unlimited and my desire to write has once again been unleashed!

My goal is to have The Segmented Tail published within the next two to three months.  The only question I have is – Can the terror be stopped!

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The Best Things In Life Are FREE

I’ve hidden something in my webstore on one of the pages that is just waiting for someone to find it and claim it as their very own!  It’s absolutely free!  What’s the catch?  Well, there is a catch, because it says so way down on the bottom of the page in the fine print.  There’s always a hidden catch, right!  Same here!  After all, I’m following the same guidelines that every business owner has used for years.  Give someone something supposedly for free and then trap them once the’ve fallen for the “Free” stuff.  Hee-hee-hee!  Pretty clever huh!  The only difference between the ones that trap you and me is that I will reveal the catch and my secret motive.

Yes, I’m actually going to reveal the catch.  The catch is: You must search for it in the store and you must let me know that you found it!  That’s the catch!  Pretty sneaky, huh!  Oh, and the motive!  I want people to look at my store!  I’ve spent a lot of time developing my store and trying my utmost to make it an attractive website that people will want to visit again and again.  But, if no one ever looks at it, then how will I or they know whether it’s good or not.  BTW, looking is free!  So, to wrap it all up and reveal everything!  The item that you find and the time you spend looking for it, is FREE!

Where do you start looking for the free item??  I’ll even let you know that info for free also! <Smile>  Go to!  Once you find the well-hidden item and want to claim it, send an email to  Please include where you found it and provide your name and mailing address.  There’s no other catches and no smaller hidden fine print.  You get the fun of trying to find a free item and I get the satisfaction of knowing that people are really looking in my store!  In fact it sounds like fun, I think I may go there ahead of everyone and start looking myself! 🙂  (Just kidding, because I’ve made a rule that I am inelligle to claim any hidden free items!  Actually it wouldn’t be fair anyway, because I’ll confess that I know where it’s hidden!)

Oh wait, there’s one more thing!  How will you know that you found the item?  That’s a good question and I’m glad you asked.  To help you look, I’m going to give you a clue.  What you’ll be looking for is the International symbol for deafness and hard of hearing!  It’s an ear with a diagonal line through it!  It’s also shown on the front page of the store and you’ll find more information by clicking the “Free” where it says “Find the Hidden Symbol and get Free Gift!

Thanks for reading and good luck hunting,

The Meeting On The Side Of The Highway

I stood all alone on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere and tried to see who or what was coming towards me!  Whatever it was, I was not afraid, I stood my ground unflinchingly and waited as it drew nearer.  Well, I’ll be damned, I whispered under my breath, it’s an image of myself when I was about 7 years old.  It was the last thing I ever expected to see.  Somehow I knew that if it got close enough, that the two of us would merge into a single entity!  Something about the nature of the 66 year-old image sent a shiver up my spine!  I slowly narrowed my eyes and waited for the image to come closer.  I felt like I had finally found something that had been lost for years, but I didn’t understand why.

Two images, one present and one past, were about to be reunited on the side of the highway just outside of Roswell, New Mexico.  The past image was from 1947 and the present image was from 2013.  Time travel had not yet been invented, but obviously, the image that started moving towards me was not aware of that fact.  I felt no fear as the image approached.  When it got within about 15 feet, it suddenly stopped.  We stared at each other, more in awe, than in fright.  There was no question that the image was me!  Neither of us spoke for several minutes.

Without any noticeable movement from its lips, the past image spoke.  “Do you remember me?” it asked.
“Of course, I remember you!” I exclaimed.  “After all, you are me!”
“Yes, and do you know why I’m here?”
“I have absolutely no idea,” I said.  “However, I seem to sense that we have been looking for each other.”
“I’ve come from the past,” it announced, “to join you and lead you home.”
“What do you mean, lead me home?” I asked, looking puzzled.
“I’ve been sent to lead you back to the ship for the return to our home planet.”
“But”, I said to the image, “I’m confused and don’t really understand what’s happening.”
Without saying anything, the image held out its hand and beckoned for me to take it.
I tried to keep from reaching out, but something forced me to gently take its hand.  As I touched the past image, a warmth flowed through my fingers, up my arm, and into my body.  I felt a great sense of togetherness as the image slowly merged with me.  “We are now one!” the image exclaimed, “we can walk together down the road to home.”
“But, I said,” protesting, “I don’t live anywhere around here!”
The image inside me said, “We both live here, just outside Roswell.  This is where we crashed in 1947.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” I asked.
In 1947, when the mother ship crashed, we were separated and you somehow disappeared.  I’ve been looking for you ever since and I believe without you realizing it, you were looking for me.”

For all these years, our people have been secretly working with government and military scientists, which were helping us repair our ship.  We gave the government scientists important information about space travel and they, in turn, provided us with critical material to help us rebuild our ship.
“I can’t believe this is finally happening,” I said, shaking my head as the two of us became one and we walked towards the nearby spaceship.
Together as one, we climbed aboard the gleaming ship which was being fueled for a return to its home planet in a galaxy thousands of light years from earth.  For the first time in 66 years I felt whole again.  “Let’s go home,” I said, smiling.

I hope you enjoyed reading this,
(P.S. This is fiction and not based entirely on facts!)

You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet – This Is The Year of The Snake

In 2013, the year of the Snake, you’ll be watching my Webstore take off and my writing will reach new heights!  This year I’m more motivated than ever to succeed with the Webstore I started in August 2011.  The store has had some sales, but they’ve really never reached the level that I was expecting.

Well, this year is going to be different and it will bring about sales that up until now have only been a dream.  I plan on making major improvements in my business model and to seek new forms of promotion and sales.  I’ve learned that a business is only as good as the effort that is put into it and this year I plan to put major effort into the store.

Sure, it’ll be hard work, but that’s what life is all about!  Acutally, life is about hard work, being satisfied with the work, and having fun.  While I’ll be putting in lots of work, I plan on having lots of fun doing it!

I’ve always wanted to own a business and be able to help people with my business.  The hearing loss product business that I started in 2011 has been a dream come true.  What sales I’ve generated has paled in comparison to the satisfaction that I’ve gotten from having the store.  I was told when I started it that I didn’t know what I was getting into.  Guess what, when I got married, my wife, Linda, was told it wouldn’t last too!  The marriage lasted for nearly 52 years!  I’m not sure if I can keep the business going for that many years, but I’ll sure have fun trying!  And, if someday, I have to give it up, I’ll pass it on to my sons to run it.  Then, they too can have fun!

Today, marks the beginning of a new exciting time, for me, into promoting the business that I started nearly a year and a half ago.  The store has allowed me to sell well-made hearing loss items to people that really need them.  And, I’ve been able to sell the products at a low enough price that they have gotten a good deal.  The sales and just the work on the Webstore has provided me with more satisfaction that I ever thought they would.  I really enjoy writing up info on hearing that can help people and I like being able to provide products at a reasonable price!

Over the years, I’ve received a lot of help from Webstores and from people in the online deaf and hard of hearing communities.  My Webstore is allowing me to return that help and it keeps me busy and happy!

Now, along with operating the Webstore, this year I plan on continuing with my writing.  One of my big New Year’s resolutions was to complete the next book – The Segmented Tail!  The book is nearly complete and I’m getting excited just thinking about completing it.  I’m so happy to be entering the Year of The Snake!

Thanks for reading,
Stan, Owner Best Assisted Living Aids, LLC