A Million Reasons to Live

There are a million reasons to live, but it really boils down to only one. Life is a blessing and not everyone gets the chance to live it. Many are never born and they will never know how wonderful life can be. Several people that are born, think that they are suffering and can’t stand to live each day. However, even those that are depressed and those that suffer from pain, still have the same reason to live – they were born and they are alive.

Before I get too far into my blog today, I want to take a moment to thank all the wonderful people that have followed me since I started writing my blog over two years ago. I personally want to thank you and hope that you have enjoyed my blog. I love writing and I love people.

For anyone that is not aware of it, I’ve combined my two loves and started writing a daily inspirational essay I call a “Stanism”. Each Stanism reflects my philosophy of life and is written to help people cope with their daily living. I’ve always been a very positive person and try to look at everything in a positive light. I smile a lot and I like to cheer people up. When I see someone smiling after I smile at them, it makes me feel so much better.

I started working at our local Walmart store here in Cottage Grove three months ago and I love the work and the people. I like interacting with the other employees and with customers. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to make a small child smile. If you are ever in the area, I’d like you to stop in and say hello. I promise to do my best to smile and make you welcome in our store!

I write my daily Stanism and put it on Facebook where friends can read them and, at the urging of a fellow Facebook friend, I started putting them in my online store on a page called, of course, “Daily Stanism”. I put them in my store, because I already had the store and found it easy to add another page. It’s not necessary to look at any of the other pages in my store, unless you want to. I would rather that I inspire people with my daily essay’s than if I sold them anything. I sincerely hope that people enjoy my essays and I hope that it helps them to smile along with me.

If you are interested in following my daily essays, they can be found at


Thanks for reading! I hope that you smile often and have a nice day,


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