Are You Alive or is it only an Illusion?

Life doesn’t always go the way we’d like it to. Sometimes, plans change and our life changes. People that we love, sometimes more than one, die and we are faced with moving on without them. To lose a loved one is one of the most terrible things that can happen in life. When that happens, we must make choices and we should think about a few things before making those choices.

There are three places in life that we each face at any given moment – Yesterday, Right Now (Today), and Tomorrow! No matter how much we loved yesterday, it is gone and it will be forever, but all the memories will live on forever! That’s the beauty of life, people die, but people also still live and for every person that dies a new child is born. Right Now, is with us today and will be till the clock strikes midnight and signals that the day has come to an end. Today, while it’s still with us, we can dream! When tomorrow comes, those dreams can become real and they can give us something to look forward to in the tomorrows to come. It’s one thing to dream, but we also have to be ready and willing to accept the future what is represented in those dreams.

When the one, or one’s, we love die, then we lose everything, or do we? The answer is no, we don’t lose everything, we just at that moment believe we do, because it can feel like it. The tomorrows that we dream about today have the potential to bring us new love and a new life that is as good as or even sometimes better than the one we had. It’s very difficult to imagine a life with anyone that could be better, but it is possible and, believe it or not, it does happen.

When looking at the future, we need to look back, way back, at the past. Back before we met the one we loved, did we know that they existed? Most of the time the answer is no. Before we knew that they existed, we probably dreamed and we may have dreamed of a better life, especially if we were single. The key point is that we didn’t know that they existed!

We need to think about that for a moment! If we didn’t know that our loved one existed then, how can we possibly know that a new one won’t exist in our future. The answer is, we can’t. The good news is that the future could hold a beautiful life that today we can only dream about. The bad news is that unless we dream and are willing to allow those dreams to become real, we’ll never know. Those beautiful dreams might die, just like the loved one that we lost.

So, for today, at this moment in time, we should dream of beautiful tomorrow’s. They can lie in our future and we should try to see if they exist! The only way to do that is to make sure we complete our todays and travel to our tomorrows with an open mind! We have the choice of whether to continue living or to just hang on as an illusion! I hope you choose life!

Thanks for reading and I truly hope that all your dreams come true!


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