#Never-Ending Website Updates#

Never-ending website updates.  Having a website is fun and keeps me busy.  I am continually updating the site to bring new things and improve old things.  The latest new things I’ve added to the site are poems and a link to a blog where I’m featured as a guest blogger, “FeatureFriday.”  The blog link is to a fellow blogger, Marlena Smith a wonderful writer and blogger.  We both belong to the same great book club, Rave Reviews Book Club.  It’s a fantastic club that helps writers, all writers.  We all share the same things and do the same things.  Most importantly, we help each other.

Never-ending website updates.  Keeping my website updated is just part of what I do.  Besides keeping it updated, I write on my books.  I’m currently writing on The Terminus List.  It’s a Science Fiction thriller that will hopefully be published later this year or early next year.  I’m excited about it and all the books that I’ve written.  I love writing and seeing my books published is an extremely satisfying feeling as any writer will tell you.  Just to be able to go to Amazon.com and see my books, The Killer Within, The Segmented Tail, Wally and the Fisherman, and A Grandma for Nicole is exciting.  I can’t wait for my new book, The Terminus List to be on Amazon.

I’m changing the world one word at a time, Stan

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