Beautiful Readers come from Great Writers

Does anyone think that readers just appear out of a magicians hat?  I know that everyone is smarter than that. Readers love to read and what they read makes them smart.  They are always looking for new books to settle down with by the fireplace.  However, it’s important to know that readers progress one book at a time.  The more books that they read the better the reader they become.  It’s the same way with writers.  The more books they write the better writer they become.  It takes a lot of work to create great books that can then make great readers even greater.

As writers, we are always hoping to write better and better books.  As readers, they are always looking to read better and better books.  It’s a win-win situation for writers and for readers.  The better we write, the better readers, read.

If writers work on it hard enough, they will create high-level readers.  At the same time, the writers will have become high-level writers.  What are high-level writers?  They are writers that write at a high-level.  Their books are high quality and readers look for them more and more.  That’s why writers should never give up.  If they keep at it long enough, they will become top writers.  Then, they can take pride in the fact that they created top-level readers.  Top level readers are those that look for great books with a great story and that is well written.

Writer’s can help readers more than they realize and vice-versa, readers and writers extract the best out of each other.  Always do your best whether you are a writer or a reader.  We’re all in this together. Each new book that I write, I try to make better because I want to make readers better.  Hopefully, my new book, The Trail in the Woods, is just a little better than my previous book, The Segmented Tail, which was just a little better than my first book, The Killer Within.  I hope that I’m progressing and I hope that my readers are also progressing.  Thanks for reading and writing, Stan


The Rave Review Book Club


I recently joined the Twitter Rave Review Book Club (RRBC).  It’s a group of aspiring writers, just like me, that is designed to help authors achieve their goal of becoming well-known book writers.  They offer everything a writer would want, reviews and support.  The RRBC gives writers a chance to scratch each other’s back.

I hope that if you have a Twitter account that you will support me and my fellow writers in this new endeavor.  All authors can use support, from the beginning writer to the most advanced.  With support, we can achieve our dreams.  With our dreams, we can provide readers with good books.  Thank you, Stan

The Trail in the Woods

My new book, The Trail in the Woods, is up to page 171 and I’m hoping to finish it in the next few months.  It’s a frightening story that starts on the first page and will continue to the end.

Here’s a short excerpt from page 160 of Chapter 17:

“Okay,” Tom said, looking at Isabella and asking Justine.  “Is there anything else we need to do today?”

     “Nothing else needs to be done,” she said.  “Everything looks great.  The next step will be to determine the power level and the Papaverine shot dosage for the stage four experiments.  So, unless someone sees something that I’m missing, I recommend that we do that and then do the final stage.”

     Tom and Isabella both agreed with Justine’s assessment.   “Let’s spend some time going over all the data and deciding what levels to apply for the stage four experiments,” Justine said.  “I suggest that we calculate the levels and then we can get together and compare the results.”

     “When do you suggest that we get together again?” Tom asked. 

     “Let’s meet back here in one week, next Thursday,” Justine said.  “That should give us plenty of time to do all the calculations.”  Just as they started to leave, a crackling noise cut through the air and they froze.  It was followed by a low-level growling sound.

     “What was that?” Tom asked, looking uneasily around the room. 

     “I don’t know,” Justine said, looking frightened. 

The book will be full of suspense and keep you glued to the pages, anxiously turning each page to find out what is coming next.  How will it end?  That’s an excellent question and you and I will have to wait for the book to be published.  I can guarantee you that it’ll have a surprise ending, one that you won’t be expecting.  I know, because I’m the author.  🙂  Till the next episode,  Stan

A Conversation about my Writing

For anyone interested in reading about my writing and my science fiction book, The Segmented Tail, please go to the following blog page:


Mark Schultz has written a review of my book and we are currently carrying on a conversation on the page regarding my writing.  Mark is asking me thought-provoking questions and I answer them.  I am really enjoying the conversation and having fun answering his questions.  If you would like to know more about my book or would like to ask a question, I suggest you check out the page.  Please join in the conversation and leave a question or a comment.  Thank you, Stan

Writing for Good

I love to write and it carries over into my life. Almost everything I do is a reflection of my writing style. All my writing is a continuum that is characterized as a collection, a sequence, and a progression of my values that I have formed throughout my life. My writing comes from within and is formulated from all of my life’s adventures starting from the day that I was born right up to the present. It’s an accumulation of everything I’ve learned.

As we get older, we accumulate more and more ideas and teachings that we can pass on to our readers. Life teaches us many things and one of them is that we should listen to what we are being told. Sometimes, we learn from our mother or father, sometimes we learn from a schoolteacher, and sometimes we learn from Mother Nature. However, whoever does the teaching, it is up to us to learn from it.

My writing always amazes me. When I go back and read something that I’ve written, I read it and then I say to myself that I can’t believe I wrote that. It always looks like something that someone else, a writer, would write. Then, I think for a moment and come to the realization that I am a writer and all those ideas have come from my life.

Writing for good is good writing. It is something that we all have the passion for, but some write and some are satisfied to live and not write. I need both and that’s what makes me a writer. Am I a good writer? Only my readers can answer that. However, I can say that I write for good. When I wrote my first novel, The Killer Within, it took me many years to complete it and, I became entrenched in the story. I lived and died with the characters. When I completed. The Segmented Tail, it didn’t take quite as long to write, but again I became entrenched in the story. Now, I’m in the process of writing my newest novel, The Trail in the Woods, and I’m once again deep in the process and living and breathing each part of it. I’m writing the book much faster than I did the other two. I assume it’s part of my learning process and soon I’ll be able to whip out a novel in less than a week.

Through each of these books, I’ve poured out my inner self and the finished novels show that and encompass all I’ve learned throughout my life. All the good that I’ve learned in life is shown in my novels. I try to weed out the bad and to provide only the good. However, I’m sure that from time-to-time, some of the bad things I’ve learned in life have crept into the stories. I hope as you read my novels that you will come away with some of the good that I’ve learned in life. If you read my books, I want to thank you for taking the time away from your life to do it. A good book is worth giving up a little time to gain a lot of enjoyment. Stan

A Writer’s Life

Writers love to write and nearly everyone of them believes that what they write is the greatest and better than everyone else that writes. They believe that each new book will be a best seller and make them rich and famous.

I’m no different than all the other writers that is waiting and hoping for stardom. No matter how much fame and/or money comes my way, and I sincerely hope it does, my first priority is happiness. My happiness and my families happiness comes first. My wife and I had beautiful lives with the best spouses in the world until tradegy struck both of us. I lost my previous wife of nearly 53 years, Linda Straub, and my current wife, Donna (Gabrielli) Straub, lost her husband of over 53 years, Don Gabrielli. Donna and I miraculously found each other in 2013 and we were married on 21 December 2013. We both lost so much and now we are happily loving life again.

No matter what occurs in my writing life, happiness for Donna and both our families is the most important thing in my life. I hope for fame and fortune, but not at the sactrifice of our happiness. I love my wife and her happiness will always take precedence. Should Donna’s happiness become an issue because of my writing, I would terminate my writing in a heartbeat.

Writing has become my life and always has been, but just not as much as it is now. I didn’t take it as seriously in the past as I am now. I love writing and look forward to writing books for as long as I can. I have so many ideas and so many more stories to give the the world.

Back to working on my lastest and best book, “The Trail in the Woods”. To all my readers and followers, thank you, Stan