Have You Ever Wished Upon A Star?

Happy days everyone!  Today, and into the foreseeable future, I’m hoping that the earth will continue to revolve on its axis and that we will travel quietly through space along with the rest of the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.  Even when the earth does move smoothly and quietly, my world doesn’t always go the same!  When those days occur, which I’m happy to say is very rarely, I make minor adjustments until I can get the day running smoothly again.  It usually doesn’t take much, sometimes just a smile in the mirror or a few happy thoughts and I’m feeling as good as new.

On really rough days, it sometimes takes a little more, a little more coaxing of the inner soul back towards the center of my happiness line.  If I have to, I’ll even resort to tickling myself to get me feeling happy again!  I believe that we all can use a little happiness from time to time!   A smile in the morning can stay with us for the whole day!  That’s why I try to start each day with a smile!

Sometimes, during the day, a happy thought, can come my way, or a smile from a stranger, can bring me back to centerline.  Once my mood has returned to the center of my universe, I am usually feeling happy enough to continue tackling the rest of the day!

I start each day with a Stanism, an original essay, that I write and put on Facebook and on my website that hopefully will give others a start to a happy day!  I’ll let you in on a little secret, the Stanisms take a little thought, but they tend to flow out easily and they give me a great start to my day.  I can only hope that they help others to feel better too!  If you’ve ever wished upon a star that your life was running better, then maybe you need to look for a happy thought or a stranger with a smile.  A good way to look, is to take the initiative and smile at a stranger first!  Smiles can be contagious and instantaneous!  Another way, is to start each new day with an original Stanism.  Each one is different and each one is original!  They’re not always earth-shattering, but they can be mood shattering and they can help bring a smile to your day!

A new Stanism can be found by my Facebook friends and by anyone that visits my website page at http://www.bestassistedlivingaids.com/daily_stanism.htm.  I hope that everyone has a beautiful day and that all of your tomorrow’s are happy ones.

Thanks for reading,